Welcome to the Plywood Benders website.

We are long time skateboarders from Minnesota. We've been designing, building, and skating ramps since the 80's. After years of riding ramps and parks throughout the country, we recognized the need for better skateparks. We established the company in the year 2000. The Plywood Benders are committed to designing and constructing fun skateparks that are functional as well as smooth and strong. We build skateparks to last, at a fair price.

Growing up with skateboarding and building our own ramps have given us a unique insight that other so called "skate ramp manufacturers" are lost on. Being owned and operated by skaters means a wealth of design knowledge that simply can't be guessed upon, and that's what makes the Plywood Benders the premium choice for your skatepark construction needs.

We'll help you factor in the most favorable dimensions for your site and explain how to protect the surrounding environment from abrasion. We'll cover maintenance issues and warranty our craftsmanship from major structural damage for five years from the completion date.